I am working on documenting my work for thesis. My project is a room-sized installation of prints and ceramic sculptures. The work actually spans approximately two years due to A. the slow nature of ceramics and printmaking and B. the fact that I actually don't get any of my own studio space ever because I am a nothing major. The departments have been very cooperative though and I am thankful to all the faculty and actual majors who have had to put up with my shit all over the place all the time.

I just recently finished another intaglio and two large lithos, which I will hopefully be photographing soon.
"Remains of the Armory"
Lithograph, 8x8, 2010

"The Army"
Monotype, 15x6, 2010

Intaglio, 8x12, 2009

Intaglio, 8x6, 2009

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