I am photographing the rest of my sculptures this coming Monday. Not sure when I will get around to photographing the rest of my prints. I'm also going to re-edit the photos I have of my prints because I realized after putting them up here that all the white balances are radically different and it looks like shit.

These are prints I did in my junior independent class. The idea of the project was that each print was made for a specific friend. Sorry for the bad photo quality.
"Booneswang, K.Z.R."
Monotype with chine cole, 18"x24", 2009

Monotype with hand lettering, 24"x36", 2009

"Happiness, A.A."
Monotype, 30"x40", 2009

"E.D., J.M."
Monotype, 18"x24", 2009

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