Newest in the contrast series.


I've started a new "body of work" you might say. Actually I kind of have two running right now, but I'm not going to post my Purple Book paintings just yet... This is a series I've started of contrasting body types in similar poses. They are about 20 minute sketches from my head without a model or references. As the series develops I'm getting really interested in the line-quality of the two bodies and at some point when I can get my hands on a print-making studio I'd like to make some more final pieces. The skinny figures would be great as intaglio and the bigger figures would be the softer litho. 


I don't know how to post an animation here. It seems the file is too big for the site or something. But I have my first animation to post!


MAT Thesis meeting #2.

Jamy and I talked about things that didn't make sense to me (though I don't think they were supposed to) but which theoretically sounded really cool.

He said my little emotive animations would lend themselves really well to some kind of time-based, installation, interactive, performance piece... umm.

We discussed the idea of having sound as an essential part of it. Like in a movie, without the sound half of what is going on is missed. No dialogue, no background/surrounding audio cues, etc. With my short gestures, music/noise could be used to aid the understanding of what is happening. (Theoretically specific sounds = specific emotions)

Perhaps Becky could help me with this. But after talking to Becky she REFUSES to work in Midi format, which Jamy mentioned a lot as though it were imperative.


These are the last two prints for my show. I'm probably not going to include the two I'm currently working on because they aren't exactly relevant. I am experimenting with this whole black border dealy. I don't know if I should include the original white border of the paper if I have the black... Now I just have to actually measure everything. All measurements so far have been basically made up. Although I'm guessing to the best of my ability.

"Friendly Fire"
Intaglio, 9"x12", 2010

"Assistance" (diptych, side 1)
Lithograph, 20"x30", 2010

"Assistance" (diptych, side 2)
Lithograph, 20"x30", 2010

Lithograph, 40"x30", 2010
Photos of the rest of my ceramics are in! David East says I should reshoot the other two I already posted so that they match in sexiness. I agree, but that sucks.

I'm working on two more prints and a wire sculpture, but I probably won't photograph them any time soon. I will also post images of the other prints I recently took photos of. I probably will not repost images but I have been reworking the white balances of my prints so that they actually kind of match.

I also officially titled all of my ceramics and prints because thesis forced me to. So the titles of pieces I've already posted have probably changed, but I'm not going to repost them.

Ceramic, tile 6 low fire sigillata, 3'x2'x2', 2008

"Twelve Hours"
Ceramic, tile 6 high fire, 1.5'x2'x1', 2009

Ceramic, porcelaineous stoneware saggar fire, 5'x2'x1', 2009


I am photographing the rest of my sculptures this coming Monday. Not sure when I will get around to photographing the rest of my prints. I'm also going to re-edit the photos I have of my prints because I realized after putting them up here that all the white balances are radically different and it looks like shit.

These are prints I did in my junior independent class. The idea of the project was that each print was made for a specific friend. Sorry for the bad photo quality.
"Booneswang, K.Z.R."
Monotype with chine cole, 18"x24", 2009

Monotype with hand lettering, 24"x36", 2009

"Happiness, A.A."
Monotype, 30"x40", 2009

"E.D., J.M."
Monotype, 18"x24", 2009