Photos of the rest of my ceramics are in! David East says I should reshoot the other two I already posted so that they match in sexiness. I agree, but that sucks.

I'm working on two more prints and a wire sculpture, but I probably won't photograph them any time soon. I will also post images of the other prints I recently took photos of. I probably will not repost images but I have been reworking the white balances of my prints so that they actually kind of match.

I also officially titled all of my ceramics and prints because thesis forced me to. So the titles of pieces I've already posted have probably changed, but I'm not going to repost them.

Ceramic, tile 6 low fire sigillata, 3'x2'x2', 2008

"Twelve Hours"
Ceramic, tile 6 high fire, 1.5'x2'x1', 2009

Ceramic, porcelaineous stoneware saggar fire, 5'x2'x1', 2009

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